About the conference

health2004Health2004: The 18th World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education took place in Melbourne, Australia from 26 – 30 April, 2004. More than 2900 delegates from 105 countries took part, representing governments, major international organisations and foundations, community groups, public health organisations, medical professionals and many others.

Nearly 250 sessions- plenaries, sub-plenaries, forums, debates, workshops and oral papers and oral posters – covered every topic from early childhood development to healthy ageing, oral health to skin cancer, the history of health promotion to health futures.

The conference was auspiced by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education ( IUHPE), based in Paris, who also held the triennial General Assembly of the IUHPE members at the conference.

Support for the conference also came from the World Health Organisation and the Australian and Victorian (state) governments among many others. The local organising committee was formed as a cooperative association of the:

  • Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA)
  • Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA)
  • Australian Health Promoting Schools Association (AHPSA)
  • Australian Centre for Health Promotion, University of Sydney
  • VicHealth, the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation

The conference incorporated the 2004 annual conferences of the AHPA, PHAA and AHPSA, and was run back-to-back with the 2004 International Harm Reduction Conference.

Selections for world conferences for 2007 ( Vancouver, Canada) and 2010 (Hong Kong SAR) were made in Melbourne. Congratulations!